Building upon the success of the previous 14 Robe Boat Shows, we are thrilled to announce the Limestone Coast Marine & Adventure Show, a reimagined and revamped event to create a dynamic and inclusive expo that celebrates Activites in the Marine and Adventure industries in the stunning setting of Robe, South Australia.

Date: January 24th & 25th 2025 (Australia Day long weekend)

Location: Foreshore at Robe, South Australia

Format: Friday and Saturday

Expanded Scope: The event will feature a broad range of  activities,  exhibitors in the Marine and Adventure industries, offering attendees a diverse array of events, products, services, and experiences.

Additional Sites:  We have secured additional sites, including indoor exhibitors, to accommodate the expanded scope of the expo and provide exhibitors with more opportunities to showcase their offerings.

Gold coin donation:  Entry to the expo will be by gold coin donation, with all proceeds donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, a vital organization that provides essential healthcare services to remote and rural communities across Australia.



Friday 24th & Saturday 25th  January 2025

Event Location Robe Foreshore

South Australia



Exhibitor Categories:

These exhibitors would contribute to a diverse and exciting showcase of

products and services for attendees interested in boating and adventure activities.

Boat manufacturers and dealerships

offering various types of water craft,
from kayaks and canoes to yachts and speedboats.

Fishing equipment suppliers,

including rods, reels, tackle, and bait.

Outdoor gear retailers

providing camping equipment, hiking gear,
and outdoor apparel.

Water sports companies

providing equipment for activities like wakeboarding,
water skiing, and paddle boarding.

Adventure tour operators

offering fishing charters, eco-tours, whale watching trips, and other outdoor excursions.

Marine electronics companies s

howcasing navigation systems, fish finders, and communication devices.

Dive shops

offering scuba diving equipment, snorkelling gear, and underwater photography/videography equipment.

Local artisans

Selling handmade nautical-themed crafts, artwork, and jewellery.

Conservation organisations

promoting marine conservation efforts
and sustainable practices.

Food and beverage vendors

offering local seafood, snacks,
and refreshments for attendees.

Marine insurance providers

offering coverage for boats, equipment,
and adventure activities.

Boat maintenance and repair services

showcasing products and services for boat upkeep and renovation.

Exhibitor Benefits

Exposure to Target Audience 

Immerse yourself in a sea of adventure enthusiasts, boat owners, and holidaymakers eagerly seeking the latest marine and adventure innovations.

Brand Visibility 

 Command the spotlight with strategic placement within the venue, ensuring your brand shines bright and steals the show.

  Networking Opportunities

 Cast your net wide and reel in invaluable connections with industry experts, potential partners, and enthusiastic customers.

  Product Showcase

 Set sail for success by showcasing your latest products and services in an immersive, interactive setting that leaves attendees captivated by your brand’s ingenuity.

  Lead Generation

Hook, line, and sinker – capture leads and reel in sales with compelling demonstrations and engaging interactions that leave a lasting impression.

  Marketing Support

 Navigate the marketing waters with confidence, buoyed by our comprehensive support that ensures your brand remains at the forefront of attendees’ minds long after the event concludes.

  Adventure Activities

 Dive headfirst into the excitement by participating in thrilling adventure experiences that enhance your brand’s allure and association with outdoor recreation.

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