Outback Odyssey

Photography Safari


A new day breaks…you’ve woken up in the middle of some of the most rugged mountain ranges in the world. This is harsh country…the northern Gammon Ranges. You left 5 days ago and along the way have explored remote ruins, eaten in outback pubs, photographed night skies dined from camp ovens to shearing shed restaurants & and had million star accommodation.

This is it!…the outback adventure of a lifetime. Purposely designed to experience the outback and enjoy the hospitality this harsh environment has to offer. Over 2 weeks you will travel through the land of blue skies & gum tree lined creek beds to red ocre & outback culture.

Dine in remote pub front bars, drink beer with locals, eat emu, camel crocodile and other adventurous cuisine.  Explore the culture of campers, the hospitality of hoteliers, & swim in untouched gorge waterholes.

This all inclusive tour is the Outback Odyssey Photography Safari.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Focused Expeditions – 144 South Tce Adelaide at 13.00
DEPARTURE DETAILS Dates: 11th – 20th May 2023 at 0800

Please arrive at least 30 mins before to load equipment

Accomodation Meals
Local transportation Professional Photographer
Photography Equipment
Personal snacks

Suitable outdoor clothing & bushwalking shoes


Equipment Required

Participants must bring:

  • Comfortable walking shoes.
  • Casual clothes suitable for bush, outings and events.
  • Warm jacket and gloves.
  • Hat and sunglasses.
  • Bathers (weather dependant).
  • Camera Equipment including Tripod.
  • Full gear including camera body, lenses and filters.
  • Spare Batteries.
  • Plenty of storage cards.
  • Laptop loaded with Photoshop or Lightroom.
  • Card Reader.
  • Any medications.
  • Personal Snacks.
  • Journal for recording your adventure.
  • Towel.
  • Toiletries.

Customers should note due to weather and access conditions substitutions may occur to any location or activity.