Uncle Ken Jones, Traditional Owner & Community Elder

A proud Bunganditj man, Ken’s keen interest in practicing and preserving Aboriginal culture, coupled with a powerful appreciation of the environment, began as a child. Inspired by many family hunting and fishing trips, beach combing, gathering shellfish and collecting bush tucker, plus growing a native fruit orchard and rejuvenating timber forests, his passion blossomed into a thriving career. Married with four sons, he’s ever keen to inspire a strong sense of adventure, encouraging others to appreciate the cultural significance of sustainable environments.

Ken introduces a unique way of connecting to country, with quiet time, deep listening, and smoky gatherings.  Join Uncle Ken on his cultural tours ‘A Day in the life of a Bunganditj Person‘ and ‘Cultural Immersion‘.

A message from Uncle Ken

“Good day, Martu Karu. My name is Ken Jones and I am a NAIDOC Male Elder, Boandik Community Pangula Mannamurna. My family is from a long line of indigenous hunters and gatherers in this area. I have worked for fisheries and wildlife organisations and been a commercial crayfish and shark fisherman.  I was an Author and Associate Lecturer for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health at Flinders Uni. SA, Lifelong Unsung Hero for 50 plus years, Conservation Council of South Australia.

I love to share my adventures with like-minded people, seeing the joy of them learning, while discovering new experiences and Connection to Country. I have been engaged on several projects for research on wilderness expeditions and offshore islands.

I enjoy sharing our Boandik Country with visitors and my love for the Great Southern Ocean encourages me to continually explore and enjoy the salty delights she has to offer. My passion for taking the time to appreciate the finer details in nature is expressed on my tours.

All of our Bush Adventure Tours are designed to help visitors and families to learn about our cherished birds, animals and their special habitats. Creekside, forest, ocean beach, volcanoes, grasslands and lakes. We often see brolgas, magpie geese, eagles, bush birds, shore birds, and our beloved magpies. Our local Bunganditj language celebrates their special bird songs and colourful plumage. Legends, stories, songs and dance, tell us about the six seasons and survival yarning. Bring your friends and families to enjoy whole day experiences. Bush food foraging and sampling our tasty Limestone Coast fine produce.

Welcome to Bunganditj Country smoking ceremony, ground meditation, song and whale dance are all popular. Seaweed from our ocean forests, crayfish, cheeses, eels, wines, billy tea and home made cakes and all delicacies to be enjoyed. Just like Healesville Sanctuary only much bigger with wilderness and diversity. Our Professional Development Certificate Courses are tailor made to suit individual students.”

Uncle Ken, Aboriginal Elder and Storyteller